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This is the OPAC, the public catalogue interface You can search our print collection by Keyword, Author, Title or Subject using the Simple Search field at the top of this page
For more structured queries, we suggest you use the Advanced Search function, which further enables searching by Date of Publication, Language and Source Type.

User Guide

1. Go to “start” or from the desktop Open web browser, Mozilla is recommended
2. On the address bar of the web browser write “” and hit the Enter key or click 'GO' button or if you are outside of AAU campus, you can use this link
3. On the koha interface displayed, at the search box select the Author name, Title or Subject, or leave the default
4.At the search Box, Write the Author name or Title or Subject of the item you want to search.
5. Select the one you want from the displayed list, Write the Title, call number and author of the item and give it to the librarian on service.

If you have any comment, query or need further assistance about the library system, please do not hesitate to Ask the Librarians on duty or
contact the Computer and Reference section


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Dear Users
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